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Mobile application that connects donors and organisations

What We Do


85% of trash in Vietnam end up in landfill with little chance of being recycled or treated due to lack of sorting, facilities and environmental awareness. A percentage of these trash is usable or recyclable. As a following article. Donating and recycling in Vietnam is difficult for many people, and are not viable alternatives to throwing things away.

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Our Solution

We have a database of what organisations need to be donated. Users upload what they want to donate. Our system will match the need to the available donations. By making donations less of a hassle, we hope that it is a viable alternative to throwing things away.

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Our audience

Our target customers are high school and college students. They are environmentally conscious, active, and frequently make use of technology. Our partners will be student-led NPOs and charity organisations.

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Our missions

Help users understanding how to sort used goods for charity. Optimizing the donation work. Which would reduce the waste and provide goods for people who certainly needed. We will help small groups deploying their campaign ,included charity, environmental events, connect groups to NGOs and so on.

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About Us

Some very young talents

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Meet The Team

We will make it because we are young and we will never, never give up


Nguyễn Hoàng Thanh Tuấn

CEO, Co-Founder

I have achieved multiple accolades, chief among which are winning the AngelHack Vietnam Hackathon with my teammates—an annual global hackathon competition hosted by AngelHack where entrants compete to build, test, and launch new software solutions.

We aim to bring this cool application and hope that it could help our society


Nguyễn Trương Vĩnh Thuyên

CTO, Co-Founder


Nguyễn Phạm Đan Anh



Phan Kim Thái

Research Assistant

Motivated and persistent, I'm proud to be a part of such creative team that's trying to bring a vision of future come to life. I believe that small actions can change the world. And with this application, we will prove that technology can save the environment and improve the society's living standard.


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